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History of Air Hostess

History started at 1912, Heinrich Kubis is the First Person in the world to become as a Air Steward, from Germany.


About Air Hostess & Crew Members

Most of the common people have misconception of Air Hostess, Flight Attendants and other Crew Members. This context will guide you.


Airline Brands Across Globe

We are one of the fastest growing nation in the world. More than 80 % of flights all over the world will land in india from economy to high class. Airline Industry Growing very lucratively in india.

Dream Come True Moment !


Being an air hostess is an dream come true moment for most of the girls. This is a kind of professional where you stand out of the crowd. Flying all day, to different countries is always great for people who follow their desire.

Comparably air hostess are paid high like other Industry professionals. 

In the following content you will come to know about – Qualification, Physical Requirements, Airline Industry, Working Hours, Grooming & Appearance, Salary Package and more… Stay connected.


A Brief History & Evolution

Air Hostess, Flight Attendant.

History started at 1912, Heinrich Kubis is the First Person in the world to become as a Air Steward, from Germany. After nearly two decades, in 1930 Ellen Church from Chicago got appointed by boeing air transport as flight attendant.

She was the First Female Air Hostess in the world. There was a strict rule in the airline industry that every flight steward are required to be qualified nurse.  

From early 1940’s, a announcement made by airline industry that every one can become a flight attendant who owns a diploma degree.

Revolution period for Flight Attendant started to begun from 1960’s & 1970’s. Physical requirements are established for air hostess, they became fashion  icons, their role was recognised as profession.

All Over the world, May 31st is celebrated as Flight Attendant Day.

Few Things about Air Hostess

# Common People, not aware of.

Flight Attendants are Not Just Waitresses

The Most Misunderstood bit is, Flight Stewards are just like “Waitresses in the Sky”. This is a Complete Misconception about them. Providing you meal or snack is just a part. They are the complete caretakers like our mom. 

From First aid to Security issues, they are first people to give you protection.

Physical Appearance Matters

They Have a Strict Code of Conduct on their Attire. They have a standard uniforms. But they have more to follow, their makeup, hair color, hair style, jewelry, they should paint their nails in a decent way.

Most Important criteria is their body weight. Rules and Regulations is not only for cloths, and accessories. They have strict rules for weight management. So, you should have a healthy BMI

Flight Attendant are your Protectors

Most of the passenger and common people are not aware of flight steward that they are responsible for your life. Just Keep in mind as a passenger, you travel at 35000 feet height without any safety equipment knowledge.  Only people who guide you and help you is air hostess. They are your life savers.

Most of the Air Hostess are trained to deliver babies on board. Some Flight Stewards are trained by organization and in difficult situation they will get medical instruction to help to deliver babies on flight.

Trained to Live in Extreme Condition

Sometimes Combat

Extreme Climate

Most of the Air Hostess Training Institute in Chennai will teach their student about surviving in extreme climates. Ptc Aviation Train their students with industry Professionals. 

Hand to Hand Combat

Air Hostess will have immense skills in hand to hand combat. Sometimes anti-social elements will board and disturb co-passenger. At this moment Flight Attendant must react to protect passengers.

Flight Attendants are Trained Fire Fighters

We know they are Skilled in Combat Tricks and surviving in difficult climate conditions. But they are also good at fighting fire when you travel at 35000 feet. We have read a lot of news about flight attendants saved 200+ passenger from fire accidents. They are expert in fighting them.

Our Ptc Air Hostess Training in Chennai has trained students from different domains, for example, software professionals, nurse, lawyers, teachers, 12th standards, basic degree holders too.

Airline Brands Across Globe

# Qualification, Outfit, Job Description, Payout

Air Lingus, Aeroflot, Aeromexico, Air Asia, Air Berlin, Air Blue, Air Canada, Air China, Air Emirates, Air Europa, Air France, Air Frankfinn, Air India, Airbome, Alitalia, American Airlines, Braniff, British, bsc, Cathay, Delta, Etihad, Go Air, Indigo, Jet Airways, Kingfisher, Korean Air flight, Kuwait Airways, Norwegian Airlines, Qantas Flight, Purser Airline, Qatar Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, Vintage Airlines, Virgin Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Spicejet, Saudi Airlines, Sahara Airlines, Japan airlines, Easyjet Airline, Thai Airways, Truejet, Lufthansa.

These are the Major Airline Brands all Over the World.

Air Emirates

Emirates is the World fourth largest in term of international passenger carried. Is the Subsidiary of Emirates Group which is owned by Government of Dubai. It is the biggest and largest airline in Middle East which over over 3500 flights per week. It Servers across 81 Countries and more than 150 cities.

Training Requirements

  • Should be 21 yrs age during the date of joining
  • Your Arm should reach 212 cm, when you stand with tiptoes
  • Your Minimum Height Requirement is 160cm.
  • Minimal High School Graduation and Diploma in Cabin Crew Training Must.
  • You Should have good English Fluency ( Written & Spoken)
  • No Visible Tattoos while in Uniform.
  • Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is very important.

Payout & Incentives

Basic Monthly Pay : AED 4260/Month

Flying Pay : AED 61.25/Hr (Hourly Basis)

Average Monthly Pay Per Month will Be Around – AED 9770, The Income is Tax Free

Air France

Air France is Headquartered in Tremblay-en-France. The Parent Organization is Air France KLM. Air France Serves around 78 Countries and till 2015 air france carried around 46,803,000. It is one of the Oldest Airline Business in the world (Founded in 1933). 

Air France is the largest airline which owns 25.5% of market share in European counties.

Training Requirements to Join Air France

  • High School with Diploma in Air Hostess Required. No need of College Degree.
  • Flight Attendants should have good communication skill in French & English.
  • Should Obtain Citizenship in any one of the European Union.
  • Emergency Safety Flight Attendant Certificate is required as per EU Procedure.
  • Should have Customer support Experience.
  • Willing to Relote and Flexible Shifts

Payout & Incentives

Average Monthly Salary: $54,644/month

Average for Top Earners Month will Be Around – $78,857, The Income is Tax Free

Air India

Air India is the Largest Flag Carrier in India owned and controlled by Air India LImited which is headquartered in Delhi. Air India Covers 18.6% of total market share.  Covers over 60 international destinations. It Operates Domestic and International at cheap cost.

Air India’s human resource strength is round 21000.

Training Requirements to Join Air India

  • For Fresher Age Limit is 18 – 27 years.
  • Age Relaxation for OBC is 3 Years and SC/ST is 5 Years.
  • To Join Air India you should hold a college degree or 10th & 12 with a diploma in hotel management and catering technology / Tourism.
  • For Female Minimum Height Requirement is 160 cms and for male 172 cms.
  • Body Mass Index for Female is 18 to 22 and for male 18 to 25.
  • Every one should have Near Vision of N/5 and Distant Vision of 6/6 in one eye and 6/9 in other eye.
  • Tattoos in Visible part is not allowed
  • The spectacle is Strictly not allowed and Contact lenses is allowed upto +/- 2D.
  • Fluency in English & Hindi is Must
  • Color Vision should be normal based on Ishihara/ TMC Chart.

Payout & Incentives

Average Monthly Salary During Training:  Starts from Rs 15000/- Per Month to Rs 40,000 Per Month

Average Monthly Salary After Training – Rs 18400/- and Flying Allowance Upto Rs 74,480

Air Indigo

Air Indigo is one of the Cheapest Airline in India. The Domestic Market Share for Air Indigo 41 %. Till Date, it Carried around 46 million Passenger and headquartered in Gurgaon.  Air Indigo is founded as a Privately managed company, later went to public and its parent company is InterGlobe Enterprise.

They Operate 1000 daily flights across India and overseas. 48 Destinations in India and 11 overseas respectively.

Training Requirements to Join Air Indigo

  • You Should Attain Minimum Age 18 and Maximum 27
  • Own a Passport
  • 10th and 12th Pass, and a Diploma in air hostess training.
  • High Communication Skills.
  • Fluency in English Language, written and spoken. One Regional Language as well.
  • Minimum Height Requirement of 155 cm and should maintain a proper weight based on BMI Index.
  • You Should not have Visible Tatoo during Uniform.
  • You Should have a clear skin and visible scars or marks.
  • A Clear Vision of 20/20 is Great.

Payout & Incentives

Cabin Crew Attendant Pay Scale – Rs 31000/Month – 40 hours on flight

Senior Cabin Crew Attendant Pay – Rs 40000/Month – 40 hours on flight

Lead Cabin Crew Attendant Pay – Rs 6000/Month – 40 hours on flight.

If they work for 90 hours on flight they can make from 40000 to 90000

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SpiceJet is the fourth largest airline in India as domestic carried passenger. Airline Operates 312 flights daily to 55 domestic and 7 International Destinations.

SpiceJet is the Low Cost Carrier with economy class seating. They have tied up with many organisation to establish their brand. Their carrier are Boeing 737 – 700, 737 – 800, 737 – 900ER, Bombardier Dash Q400

Training Requirements to Join Spicejet

  • Minimum and Maximum Age Limit is 18 – 27 yrs
  • Must Complet 10th, 12th or college degree.
  • Female Should Have At least 155 cm height.
  • Weight should be proportionate with the BMI Index.
  • You Should have the eyesight of 6/6, the limit is +/- 1.5.
  •  Candidate should be Unmarried.
  • No Scars visible during uniform.
  • Tattoos are strictly prohibited.
  • Pleasing Personality with good verbal and written skills in both English, Hindi.
  • Employees should be open to relocate any part of the country

Payout & Incentives

Pay Scale for Cabin Crew Members is in between Rs 31000 to 60000 / Month.

On Average they make Around Rs of 5,30000 per annum 


JetAirways is Prominent name in Indian Airline Industry. It is the Second Largest Passenger carrier after Indigo. Jet Airways Operates in 67 Destinations across India and headquartered in Andheri, Mumbai.

Aircraft are Airbus A330-200, Airbus A330-300, Boeing 737 – 700 & Future aircraft are Boeing 737 Max 8, Boeing 777 – 300ER

Training Requirements to Join JetAirways

  • Age Limit is 18 to 27 yrs.
  • Heigh Limit : 157 cm for female and 170 cm for male.
  • You should achieve balance weight as per Industry Standards (BMI Index )
  • Minimum Education Qualification 10th and 12th standard or a college degree with proper aviation training.
  • Having pleasing personality is appreciated
  • Clear Eyesight
  • Candinate should be unmarried.
  • Fluency in English and Hindi must.
  • No Scar Marks or Tattoos visible during Uniform.

Payout & Incentives

On an Average Cabin Crew Make Rs 30,000 Monthly

Supervisor Make Rs 33,000/Monthly

Flight Attendant Rs20,000/Monthly

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